Rural Wellness Fairfax, Inc.

Dr. Elizabeth J. Pusey, Founder and President.

Rural Wellness Fairfax, Inc. acquired Fairfax Community Hospital based in Fairfax, Oklahoma and two area clinics, one located in Fairfax and the other located in Pawnee, OK.

In addition to Dr. Pusey’s leadership, First Physicians Capital Group, an Oklahoma City-based hospital management group, will help lead operations at Fairfax Community Hospital through financial, technology, and capital solutions.

Rural Wellness Fairfax planned hospital improvements include adding an additional 6 rooms at the end of the patient hall, expanding the lab, and relocation and expansion of the emergency room.
Pictures of just a a few of the already completed improvements can be seen below.

Fairfax Community Hospital is an full-service critical access hospital.
Rural Wellness Fairfax hopes that you will consider our hospital and clinics as a valued asset and benefit to local residents as we continue making every effort to provide quality healthcare services for our patients.

Innovation, Technology and Teamwork

Rural Wellness Fairfax has invested in our hospital staff by providing additional healthcare training, initiated team-building experiences, and purchased new equipment such as the new digital X-ray unit, and several medical grade air purifiers to filter out viruses and improve the safety of air-quality for patients, staff and visitors.
Below is a photo gallery showcasing improvements Rural Wellness Fairfax has been able to implement thus far, and there are also improvements in the near future, such as expanding the emergency room and lab and adding six new patient rooms.

Healthcare Team

Rural Wellness Fairfax staff includes physicians and providers representing a range of medical training and experience as well as caring and experienced physician assistants, nurses and support staff that are equipped and ready to serve the Fairfax community.
Our healthcare team members and support staff all contribute to help ensure your hospital experience is a positive one.


Hunter Thoms is the acting Interim Chief Executive Officer for Rural Wellness Fairfax (RWF) in Fairfax, Oklahoma and he is responsible for managing hospital operations and communicating information about operations with other hospital staff and the board of directors. Hunter was selected to go to National Rural Health Association’s CEO certification program. Only about 10% of those expressing an interest were accepted for the program.

He first entered the field of healthcare management at First Physicians as an Operations Manager in 2015 where he set and followed standards for operational excellence for rural hospitals, helped hire and retain qualified staff and is a healthcare leader with a proven track record of developing strong, collaborative relationships at all levels of an organization. During his time with First Physicians, Hunter has successfully led many projects ranging from small scale construction to facility wide electronic health record (EHR) implementations.
As Operations Manager, Thoms consulted with clinical and administrative teams to identify operational pain points, and worked cross functionally to create and implement sustainable solutions.

In his spare time, Hunter enjoys spending quality time with his wife and daughter, and outdoor activities with their two dogs. With an innate curiosity and a desire to learn, Hunter enjoys traveling and learning about different cultures, and picking up new skills along the way.

Hunter holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Northwestern State University and a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Texas at Arlington. Hunter also holds certification for Project Management Professional (PMP) from the Project Management Institute.

On December 10, 2019, Rural Wellness Fairfax, Inc. purchased Fairfax Community Hospital, preserving approximately 50 jobs.
The paragraph below recognizes tremendous dedication of hospital staff members to keep the hospital open.

Every day brings a chance to do things a little better than the day before.
At Fairfax Community Hospital, we are working hard to meet the needs of our community.
You'll see it in improvements, both large and small.
You'll feel it with the addition of new staff and enhanced services.
And you'll know it from quality and safety of patient care.
Today and everyday, we are here for you.


Phone: (918) 642-3291

Address: 4o Hospital Rd. Fairfax, OK 74637

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