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Fairfax Community Hospital partners with regionally popular bakery.

A lot of round-table discussion to find creative ways to increase patient satisfaction. Last January, Jeff Hill and Dr. Elizabeth Pusey meet with Interim CEO Hunter Thoms to try to figure out a way for the hospital to offer food that is healthy but will taste great, bearing in mind that many don’t think hospital food in general is very flavorful. If patients can have an enjoyable food experience it may help to shift their mindset during their care. So they did tasting and sampling with staff in order to find a local bakery to come up with a variety of healthy desert recipes for patients. Improving the patient experience and patient satisfaction is about smiles, not just systems. All parties involved took great care, working together to come up with a recipe plan for making some goodies that would be suitable for our patients. Hunter has gone to great efforts to bring a regionally popular and tasty bakery brand into the hospital for patients and employees to enjoy.

Here are a few of the healthier desserts that the hospital will be offering to our patients:

  • Cheesecake
  • Cupcakes
  • Chocolate Mousse

At Fairfax Community Hospital the importance of the food quality for the healing process of our patients is part of a long planning process to ensure that each patient receives the nutrients needed. Nutritional food is a critical component of patient therapy and care in a hospital. It’s just as crucial to eat and drink on a regular basis in the hospital as it is to take any prescribed medications. Not eating and drinking enough is a common problem for older people in hospital and it can slow down their recovery.

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